We have simplified way to providing affordable housing and rental income.

We are passionate about reducing housing deficits ( by create affordable housing) and create wealth for investors of affordable (investment realtors and development partners). We see the need, we take the lead.

Affordablehousing is a real estate investment platform designed as Improved way to invest in real estate and get huge ROI and rental income.

Affordablehousing helps you achieve financial freedom by providing you with opportunities to contribute your quoted through investment in reducing housing deficits by providing affordable housing

  • Earn 10% – 20 interest on your investment
  • Earn over 50% return on investments.
  • Earn over 10% in rental income investment

@Affordable Housing

Our goal is to build 5000 affordable homes in 10 years across Nigeria

  • We believe everyone deserves a decent home
  • We believe one man, at least one house
  • We believe that providing affordable housing is a collective responsible.
  • We believe that investing in affordable housing is not just about real Estate huge (ROI) but we also a social enterprise reducing the Nigerian housing deficit.
  • We believe that housing should be affordable
  • We believe crowd funding for affordable housing makes it everyone business and that makes everyone a problem solver, hereby contributing your quota to housing solution and as well making good ROI
  • Also generating rental income because of high demand
  • Access to housing through flexible payment option
  • We also believe in turning developing areas to modern city through building affordable housing.

How it works

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  • Once your payment is confirmed, your investment start counting
  • Watch your grow and earn


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