Our mission is to become an agent of positive change in our community, society and Nigeria at large by becoming leading private organization known for creating high quality affordable housing for residence with median income in Nigeria.

Affordablehousing.ng by Salescraft Limited is a Housing Development Scheme which is embarked for a Three year housing development. We at affordablehousing.ng by Salescraft Limited believe everyone deserves a decent and comfortable home that is very affordable. Our goal is to build 5000 affordable homes in 10 years across Nigeria.

With affordablehousing.ng not even your budget or income can stop you and we are able to achieve this through innovative building technology like Bricks, Prefabricated Houses and more because we are driven with innovation.



Leaderships: Affordablehousing.ng by Salescraft limited is a leading Social Enterprise of Salescraft limited and influential voice in the development of affordable housing in Nigeria. We will continue to be pioneers in inventing new ways of making homes of high quality standards that are affordable with beautiful aesthetics paying attention to details.


Affordablehousing.ng by Salescraft limited are well designed, sustainable and well built homes that will endure beyond this generation. These houses/homes are meant to be preserved as asset to the community. We partner with professionals who uphold high standard when it comes to delivering quality housing projects.